Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in South Africa | Beauty of South Africa

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in South Africa | Beauty of South Africa

May 30, 2022 7 Views

Top 10 most beautiful cities in South Africa
The southernmost country in Africa is a fascinating place to visit due to its diverse range of people and cultures that breathe life and energy into its bustling cities. With incredible landscapes and wildlife reserves bordering the metropolitan areas, you can be shopping in a mall or wandering around a museum in the morning, before spotting one of the Big Five wild animals later in the day.
The best cities in South Africa have a wealth of things to see and do, and visitors will be delighted with its fantastic range of outdoor activities, as well as the plethora of restaurants, bars and accommodation options which combine to make it an easy and exciting country to travel around. Starting from the 10th most beautiful city all the way up to the most beautiful, following is a list of the top 10 most beautiful cities in this amazing country. Welcome to Positive Africa and thanks for watching! Consider subscribing and turning on the post notification bell if you are new so you never miss out on any of our videos.
Number 10: Grahamstown.
Once at the heart of bloody wars between Europeans and the Xhosa, Grahamstown’s center has some nice old architecture and churches that conjure up images of old England and allude to its prominent position in Settler Country.
Nowadays, it has a lively university and is renowned for a vibrant arts scene, which includes the huge National Arts Festival. It’s a picturesque place that has lots of bars, restaurants and nightlife, not to mention the many outdoor activities to engage in.
From here, there are numerous nature reserves where you can see the dwindling populations of the Big Five: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo.
Number 9: Polokwane.
Lying between Pretoria and the border to its north, Polokwane is a grimy city that acts as an administrative and industrial capital to the Limpopo Province. Lively but chaotic places with a bit of a traffic problem, gated communities are hidden away amidst the urban sprawl. While it is not unpleasant to visit, many visitors use it solely as a transport hub to the surrounding areas.
Number 8: East London.
Set on the coast in the Eastern Cape, the center of East London is distinctly underwhelming due to its colorlessness and lack of identity. Consequently, visitors are advised to head straight to the waterfront, which looks enchanting set alongside the bay.
Nahoon Beach is the perfect place to stop by if you’re into surfing, and at various points along the coast you’ll find well-tended parks and beaches. A transport hub, many visitors use East London as a gateway to the Transkei or the picturesque little towns that dot the coast to either side of it.
Number 7: Bloemfontein.
Although it is the judicial capital of South Africa, this relaxing, peaceful city has a provincial feel to it. Consequently, it is a nice place to spend some time, despite having no major attractions.
Located in the center of the country, the fact that it lies on several crossroads means that many people stop by on their way to somewhere else. With a nice art museum, some shopping malls and fine restaurants, the best time to visit is during the Manguang African Cultural Festival in October.
Number 6: Knysna.
Surrounded by beautiful, ancient forests and impressive mountains, Knysna lies next to a gorgeous lagoon. Its stunning location makes it just one of the highlights of the meandering and scenic Garden Route.

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