Pharma and Biotech in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

Pharma and Biotech in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

June 5, 2022 7 Views

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In Episode 17 we sit down with Professor David Katerere – Tshwane University of Technology Research Chair in Pharmaceutical & Biotech Advancement in Africa (PBA2), Trustee, PharmaConnect Africa; Bioentrepreneur & Consultant. We discuss the state of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry in Africa: The Opportunities, Key Trends and the Challenges. There are a lot of African scientists contributing to research and manufacture globally. He highlights some key initiatives when it comes to capacity building and training of personnel in the pharma and biotech industry. Collaboration, investment and access to affordable finance are ultimately key when it comes to building a successful healthcare industry. Tune in to watch this riveting episode tomorrow. #healthyconvos #biotech #pharmaindustry

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00:00 – Intro & Background Prof David Katerere
05:01 – State of Pharma and biotech in Africa
06:06– Key Trends in Africa – vaccines, cannabis, herbal, APIs
10:18 – Challenges – local production; standardisation of herbal products
13:18 – Modernizing traditional medicine
15:01 – Vaccines are a public good
16:13 – How can Africa supply the world
19:33 – African Scientists contributing to research globally
19:42 – Pharmaconnect Africa training workshops and webinars
23:36 – Gap – business cases; Need to invest in knowledge economy & pharma
25:08 – Need for good skills base
25:29 – Create opportunities for affordable/ cheap funding
27:01 – Bring in more funds/ investment to Africa
29:04 – Need for collaboration
30:11 – Shaping our own narrative in pharma & biotech
31:52 – SAAP, Inventors Forum
32:34 – Pharmacists have invented big brands
34:16 – Outlook
36:00 – Inspire next generation
37:18 – Closing remarks

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