Discover Malawi's Blantyre: Africa's Beautiful City you've never heard of

Discover Malawi's Blantyre: Africa's Beautiful City you've never heard of

May 30, 2022 8 Views

Blantyre is Malawi’s centre of finance and commerce, and its second largest city, with an estimated 1,068,681 inhabitants as of 2015.


It is sometimes referred to as the commercial and industrial capital of Malawi as opposed to the political capital, Lilongwe.
It is the capital of the country’s Southern Region as well as the Blantyre District.

Mandala House, Blantyre’s oldest building Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), the country’s state broadcaster and the provider of one of Malawi’s television channels, has its headquarters in Blantyre. The Supreme Court is located here. City house, College of Medicine, Malawi Polytechnic and Kamuzu College of Nursing, constituent colleges of the University of Malawi.
The Malawi College of Accountancy is also headquartered there. Its rather unconventional location has meant that Blantyre is surrounded by Mount Soche, Ndirande mountain, Chiradzulu mountain and Michiru Mountain[1] which consolidates the Michiru Mountain Conservation Area.

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