African Students fleeing Ukraine to Germany/Discussion with Lawyer Iyare Imasi (Part 1)

African Students fleeing Ukraine to Germany/Discussion with Lawyer Iyare Imasi (Part 1)

May 30, 2022 7 Views

African Student Fleeing Ukraine to Europe / laws about students fleeing ukraine to Germany Pt1

In this Video, NiSIG e.V held a discussion with Attorney / Lawyer Iyare Imasi, A Nigerian Lawyer based in Germany. He discusses everything you need to know if you are an African student fleeing ukraine to europe and laws about students fleeing Ukraine to Germany.
He explains how you can register and legally stay in Germany. The German /European laws can be confusing most times. It is therefore imperative that you have someone on your side who not only understands the law and the language but also understands English so as to better translate the laws for you. Lawyer Imasi has over 10 years of experience in German Laws and he also has a very good understanding of the German language.
Attorney Imasi is also available for phone consultations. simply click on this link and fill out your info so as to reach him

To offer quick and effective protection to people fleeing the war in Ukraine the EU Commission is proposing to activate the Temporary Protection Directive. Temporary protection provides immediate protection to people in need in exceptional circumstances of mass arrivals to avoid overwhelming Member States’ asylum systems.
It will apply to:
Ukrainian nationals and other non-EU nationals who have made Ukraine their home as well as their family members displaced by the conflict . Non-Ukrainian nationals and stateless people legally residing in Ukraine who cannot return to their country of origin, such as asylum seekers and refugees, and their family members.

Those persons that fall outside these categories must be allowed access to the EU to transit prior to returning to their countries of origin.

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