Africa: 12 Fun Facts about African Continent and Countries

Africa: 12 Fun Facts about African Continent and Countries

May 30, 2022 9 Views

African continent is an incredible place on the planet, which is known for its natural phenomena and beauty, incredible land resources, deposits of minerals and precious metals, cultural diversity of African countries, multinationality and people, who make the future of the continent bright.

In order to help children and adults understand African better we have put together a quick interactive video presentation, which is also available in text form here:

In this video we briefly dwelled upon such topics:

– the partnership between China and African countries;

– the fastest land animals on the planet;

– what origin (etymology) of the name Africa;

– the variety of ethnic groups and tribes;

– the pyramids of Sudan, not as famous as ones in Egypt;

– results of the scramble for Africa;

– wealth and reserves of precious metals;

– language diversity and the longest alphabet;

– largest wildlife migration in Serengeti;

– incredible water resources – lakes and rivers;

– most popular sports and best athletic achievements.

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