25 Most Beautiful Cities to Discover in Africa

25 Most Beautiful Cities to Discover in Africa

May 30, 2022 5 Views

Welcome to We Love Africa and thanks for watching, in this video, we shall be taking you on a tour across the most beautiful cities in Africa. Africa is a large continent made up of 54 sovereign countries and each of these countries offer unique experiences for travelers especially through its cities.

South Africa’s Cape Town, for instance, is often considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities for its mix of natural beauty – there’s a 6,000-foot table-shaped mountain in the center and a string of white-sand beaches – and buzzy atmosphere. Visitors can expect stylish hotels, delectable restaurants with global cuisine, and plenty of cultural attractions and adventurous things to do.

Other African cities, like Marrakesh, Morocco, offer the best of old and new. In Marrakesh, you will find an up-and-coming art scene, five-star resorts, and contemporary restaurants set next to ancient bazaars, souks, and markets.

And Africa has cities for all styles of travelers, from fast-paced and sprawling metropolises like Egypt’s Cairo, Nigeria’s Lagos, and South Africa’s Johannesburg to cities like Stone Town on the island of Zanzibar, where the pace of life moves slow.

Selected for their diversity, beauty, and reasons a tourist would want to include them on a vacation, here we present our list of Africa’s best cities.

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